Aquarium Design

If you can dream it, SeaQuatic Aquariums can build it. We use revolutionary 3D rendering software to create an accurate aquarium design, cabinetry project or coral reef insert. This allows us to give you a first look at what your aquarium will look like in the final product.

At SeaQuatic Aquariums, our project managers work to organize every detail of your custom project. They work with you by having our architects, aquarium designers and builders come together from the first conceptual 3D rendering to the installation of your project. Our team of engineers designs an appropriate filtration system to ensure a healthy environment for your aquarium.

Once the aquarium design has been rendered, we await your approval. If you want to make any changes to the project, now is the perfect time. Built inside our state-of-the-art facility, we use acrylic as the material for constructing all custom-made aquariums. Acrylic is precisely constructed, shaped and formed in our ovens. After your aquarium is bonded utilizing proprietary adhesives, we hand polish the aquarium to perfection. The shine and beautiful look is something to behold.

Our aquarium designers are experts in:

  • Reef Systems
  • Freshwater Systems
  • Koi Ponds
  • Saltwater Fish only Systems

If you wish for the aquarium to be installed at your home or office, our professional team will do that for you as well. We give you a courteous and proficient service to ensure the aquarium is installed without instance.

SeaQuatic Aquariums offers professional services as well as consulting services for systems, ranging from small 500-gallon system to massive oceanariums. You can call our customer service staff 24/7 for any concerns and queries regarding the Aquarium Project Design.

Why Choose SeaQuatic

With years of experience in aquarium design, construction and installation, SeaQuatic is the pioneer in the construction of world-class aquariums. Following is a list of reasons you should choose SeaQuatic as your Aquarium Project Design Company:

  • SeaQuatic Aquariums is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured aquariums service provider
  • We provide construction and consulting services on aquariums from sizes as small as 500 gallons
  • All estimates are provided free of cost
  • We are experts in constructing aquariums out of concrete, fiberglass, acrylic and glass materials
  • Our staff are highly trained aquatic professionals
  • From conceptual aquarium design to maintenance, SeaQuatic Aquariums utilizes only in-house staff
  • On-site acrylic bonding and post annealing
  • We have developed acrylic bonding methods that are proprietary and are far superior when compared to what the rest of the aquarium industry utilizes
  • Industry leading warranty
  • We utilize a 100% in-house turnkey approach
  • Our experienced staff is available 24/7 to address all queries

Aquarium Project Design

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