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Terms And Conditions Of Sales



1) Acceptance of Orders: An order is not valid, nor shall it be a binding contract upon the Company, unless it is in accordance with these terms and conditions and shall have been received and approved by SeaQuatic Aquariums.

2) Payments and Deposits: Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, terms of payment are 60% deposit at time of order and balance prior to shipment.

3) Delivery Date Estimation: Shipment date is based on (SeaQuatic Aquariums) material availability and current backlog. Delivery date may be adjusted at the actual time of order acceptance by SeaQuatic Aquariums. Estimated shipping charges are for reference only; actual shipping charges may be more or less. Applicable sales tax if any is not reflected in amount totals stated on quotation. PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: (SeaQuatic Aquariums).

4) Material Specification: Materials used are cast acrylic, fiberglass reenforced plastic, concrete and glass. When buyer has not already supplied drawings, seller may provide drawings prior to fabrication to purchaser for design and dimensional approval. As SeaQuatic Aquariums has no control over the use, environment, and/or conditions to which the aquarium may be subjected to in the future. SeaQuatic Aquariums recommends that the purchaser independently confirm the suitability of the aquariums specifications through a Professional Engineer. SeaQuatic Aquariums accepts no liability for engineering unless it has been specifically stipulated in purchase contract.

5) Packing and Packaging: SeaQuatic Aquariums will palletize; surface and edge protect the goods for shipment at Seller’s expense. If purchaser stipulates other packaging requirements, SeaQuatic Aquariums will package the goods according to the purchasers instructions and expense; provided said instructions are delivered with adequate time to SeaQuatic Aquariums.

6) Protective Shipping Paper or Film: Never leave the film or paper protective masking on the acrylic surface. Always remove film or paper masking prior to hydro testing and never expose to direct sunlight. Film or paper masking left on acrylic surface for prolonged durations will result in the adhesive solidifying, making the removal difficult. Removal of solidified masking may result in the damage of the acrylics surface.

7) Freight: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all shipments are F.O.B. point of origin SeaQuatic Aquariums, at the purchaser’s expense.

8) Identification: Risk of Loss; Passage of Title: SeaQuatic Aquariums shall notify purchaser as soon as the goods are ready for shipment. Title to the goods shall remain with SeaQuatic Aquariums until purchaser takes physical possession of, and pays the full purchase price for the goods. Risk of loss of the goods shall pass to the buyer upon on site approval by SeaQuatic Aquariums or release to shipping company of the goods. If purchaser fails to pay the purchase price in full, seller reserves the right to keep all materials and retain the original deposit amount

9) Express Warranty & Limitation of Liability:

10) Promotional Use: User and purchaser hereby grants, at no charge, to SeaQuatic Aquariums and it’s subsidiaries, the right to use and reproduce the name of purchaser, the work, the building at the site, and photographs, videos, audios, and other likenesses and reproductions thereof for SeaQuatic Aquariums promotional purposes. The user hereby grants SeaQuatic Aquariums access at a mutually agreeable time to photograph and videotape the exhibition at owner’s site after it is assembled. SeaQuatic Aquariums hereby agrees not to publish the above – mentioned materials prior to the opening of the exhibition.

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