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SeaQuatic Aquariums continually strives to redefine what is possible with the design of custom artificial coral reef inserts. Our realistic inserts are manufactured to replicate natural corals with incredible detail.

SeaQuatic Aquariums is committed to protecting our world’s oceans through public education with the construction of realistic aquatic themed environments. We recognize the importance of conserving our oceans natural resources; and feel that the production of synthetic corals will reduce the impact the aquarium trade has on the natural environment, while simultaneously educating the public of the oceans importance.

All of our inserts are completely non-toxic to marine life and simulate a natural artificial coral reef that aquatic life will flourish in. With the use of our artificial corals it is no longer necessary to remove specimens from the wild.

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  • Non-toxic to aquatic life
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Extraordinarily realistic
  • Flexible and durable; yet will not scratch acrylic
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Freshwater and marine safe
  • Will not fade or discolor

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