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Swimming Pool Windows

Want your swimming pool to stand out from the crowd? SeaQuatic offers you acrylic swimming pool windows to make your swimming pool look elegant, modern and aesthetically pleasing. Acrylic pool windows are growing in popularity, allowing you to have a spectacular view of your surroundings while enjoying a swim. This is especially true if you have a High Rise Ocean Penthouse or a Backyard Oasis. From the quality materials to the superior installation techniques at SeaQuatic, we ensure you the best swimming pool windows in the world.

Acrylic pool – high-rise ocean penthouse

Dimensions: 20' x 8' x 4'

Materials:  Cell Cast Acrylic

In the renovation of a high-rise penthouse, bonded acrylic panels were used to create a swimming pool that resembles a freestanding piece of the sea. Combined with a panoramic view of the ocean beyond, the visual effect is truly one of a kind.  

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Backyard Oasis Custom Pool Window

Dimensions: 48”(L) x 60”(H)

Thickness: 2.5"

Materials: Cell cast acrylic

SeaQuatic has been installing swimming pool windows and water features in residential backyards for years. No matter the size or shape of your backyard, SeaQuatic and our team of engineers are able to design and construct the perfect backyard oasis for your home.  

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Spectacular Ocean Views

Dimensions: 20' x 10' x 4'

Acrylic Thickness: 4"

Materials: Cell cast acrylic

Positioned on the third floor overlooking the ocean, this spectacular residential swimming pool window displays the remarkable aesthetic properties of ACRYLIC.

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Indoor Acrylic Swimming Pool

Dimensions: 20' x 10' x 2'

Acrylic Thickness: 2.5” (1 ton)

Materials: Cell cast acrylic

In this spectacular residential home, an ACRYLIC pool invites you in for a memorable and relaxing experience. Only achievable with the use of ACRYLIC windows, the pool appears as a self-contained body of water rising from the floor. This stunning aesthetic effect is truly breathtaking and one of a kind.

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Underwater Pool Panels

Dimensions: 144"(L) x 24"(H)

Acrylic Thickness: 1.25” (1 ton)

Materials: Cell cast acrylic

At SeaQuatic we design and manufacture swimming pool panels of any shape and size. All Underwater viewing panels are constructed using the highest-grade materials to ensure years of dependable service and leak free performance.

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Underwater pool window

Dimensions: 144"(L) x 48"(H)

Acrylic Thickness: 2.5”

Materials: Cell cast acrylic

This residential underwater pool window is sure to leave a lasting impression. This spectacular residential swimming pool features an attractive seamless 144”(L) x 48”(H) x 2.5"(T) viewing underwater pool window constructed from cell cast acrylic.

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