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Custom Home Aquariums

Want to make your home look elegant and graceful? If so, then a custom-made home aquarium may be exactly what you require. We employ the best designers and engineers to make sure your aquarium is of matchless quality and durability. Whether you need a Custom 500-Gallon Aquarium or a massive 15,000-Gallon Residential Aquarium, SeaQuatic specializes in all varieties of custom home aquariums.

14000 gallon aquarium

Dimensions: 180”(L) x 170"(W) x 108”(H)

Volume: 14,000 Gallons /  52,920 L

Materials: Fiberglass & 4" Acrylic

This spectacular 14000 gallon aquarium is located in a privet residence. Constructed from 4” acrylic and fiberglass the aquarium has a 3 sided bonded viewing panel that measures 180"(L) x 170"(W) x 80"(H). A unique custom colored light blue background and triple back corner overflow boxes are some of the design options available for custom home aquariums.

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2500 gallon aquarium

Dimensions: 144”(L) x 72”(W) x 48”(H)
Volume: 2,500 Gallons /  8,316 L
Materials: Fiberglass & Glass

This 2500 gallon aquarium was built utilizing premium 1" thick star fire glass. A single seamless 130" long, 4’ wide, one-inch thick custom panel was required.A custom 12’ x 6’ x 3’ powder coated steel stand capable of 50,000 LBS  supporting was fabricated as a structural base. Capable of turning over the entire 2500 gallon aquariums volume every 5 minutes, the advanced filtration system is located remotely in a dedicated Life Support System room.

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1000 gallon fish tank

Dimensions: 140” x 48” x 32”
Volume: 1000 gallon fish tank
Materials: Domestic Cell Cast Acrylic

This dramatic 1000 gallon fish tank is featured inside a clients home exercise room. Constructed from 1” domestic R-Cast acrylic the aquarium has a seamless 140” front viewing panel. Unique custom colored light blue background and dual back corner overflow boxes.

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4000 gallon aquarium

Dimensions: 190” x 72” x 65” Volume: 4,000 gallons Materials: Concrete & 1.5" Domestic Cell Cast Acrylic This dramatic 4000 gallon aquarium is home to a 3' Bonnethead shark which is located inside a privet residents. The aquarium was constructed using reinforced concrete and 1.5" acrylic. A fiberglass coating was added to the rebar to ensure it was properly sealed from the saltwater.

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400 gallon entertainment center

Dimensions: 96" x 30" x 36" 

Volume: 400 gallons

Materials:  1" Domestic Cell Cast Acrylic

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300 gallon living reef

Dimensions: 96″ x 24″ x 30″ 

Volume: 300 gallons

Materials:  1″ Cell Cast Acrylic

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