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Custom Home Aquariums


Want to make your home look elegant and graceful? If so, then a custom-made home aquarium may be exactly what you require. We employ the best designers and engineers to make sure your aquarium is of matchless quality and durability. Whether you need a Custom 500-Gallon Aquarium or a massive 15,000-Gallon Residential Aquarium, SeaQuatic specializes in all varieties of custom home aquariums.

Office Aquariums

LIVING REEF OFFICE AQUARIUMS Dimensions: 96″ x 24″ x 30″ Volume: 300 gallons Materials: 1″ Domestic Cell Cast Acrylic While you go to work to get down to business, there is no reason that you cannot create a pleasant atmoshpere. You’ll find that you and your fellow staff members will be more productive when there […]

Cylinder Aquariums

OFFICE CYLINDER AQUARIUM Dimensions: 36″ DIA x 48″ H Volume: 300 gallons Materials: .5″ Domestic Cast Acrylic We build stunning cylinder aquariums in waiting rooms which are thoughtfully customized to each space. A cylinder aquarium establishes a point of focus and calm while clients wait on services. Your clients will enjoy the chance for meditation. […]

4000 Gallon Aquarium

4000 GALLON AQUARIUM Dimensions: 190” x 72” x 65” Volume: 4,000 gallons Materials: Concrete & 1.5″ Domestic Cell Cast Acrylic This dramatic 4000 gallon aquarium is home to a 3′ Bonnethead shark which is located inside a privet residents. The aquarium was constructed using reinforced concrete and 1.5″ acrylic. A fiberglass coating was added to […]

400 Gallon Entertainment Center

400 GALLON ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Dimensions: 96″ x 30″ x 36″ Volume: 400 gallons Materials: 1″ Domestic Cell Cast Acrylic Having an aquarium either at home or for your company can be a great addition to an otherwise boring room. Whether you have a large conference center that needs a bit of sprucing up or you […]

3000 Gallon Restaurant Aquarium

3,000 GALLON RESTAURANT AQUARIUM Dimensions: 320” x 40” x 54” Volume: 3,000 gallons Materials: 2.75″ Cell Cast Acrylic There is nothing like creating a restaurant aquarium in your home or work space. With the help of www.seaquaticaquariums.com, we can help you to make your fantasy come true. One of the most exciting additions you can […]

3000 Gallon Aquarium

3,000 GALLON AQUARIUM AT RESTAURANT Dimensions: 312” x 48” x 48” Volume: 3,000 gallons Materials: Domestic Cell Cast Acrylic One of the most unique features at this restaurant is a 3000 gallon aquarium that stretches the entire length of a room. The aquarium acts as a dividing wall between the bar and the dining area […]

300 Gallon Living reef

300 GALLON LIVING REEF Dimensions: 96″ x 24″ x 30″ Volume: 300 gallons Materials: 1″ Cell Cast Acrylic When it comes to adding a sense of style to a home or business, there is probably nothing more beautiful than a 300 gallon living reef. Living reef aquariums are gorgeous because they showcase the beauty of […]

2500 Gallon Aquarium

2500 GALLON AQUARIUM Dimensions: 144”(L) x 72”(W) x 48”(H) Volume: 2,500 gallons / 8,316 L Materials: Fiberglass & starphire glass This 2500 gallon aquarium was built utilizing premium 1″ thick star fire glass. A single seamless 130″ long, 4’ wide, one-inch thick custom panel was required. A custom 12’ x 6’ x 3’ powder coated […]

14000 Gallon Aquarium

14000 GALLON AQUARIUM Dimensions: 180”(L) x 172”(W) x 108”(H) Volume: 14,000 Gallons / 52,920 L Materials: Fiberglass & Cell Cast Acrylic This spectacular 14000 gallon aquarium is located in a privet residence. Constructed from 4” acrylic and fiberglass the aquarium has a 3 sided bonded viewing panel that measures 180″(L) x 170″(W) x 80″(H). A […]

10000 Gallon Cylinder Aquarium

10000 gallon cylinder aquarium This 10000 gallon cylinder aquarium is currently under construction. When finished it will measure 168″(DIA) x 108″(H). Built utilizing premium 3″ thick acrylic and reinforced fiberglass plastic. Two seamless thermoformed 270″ (arc) x 168″(L) x 90″(H) x 3″(T) custom panel are required . A custom 14′ DIA x 12″(H) powder coated […]

1000 Gallon Fish Tank

1000 GALLON FISH TANK Dimensions: 140” x 48” x 32” Volume: 1000 gallon fish tank Materials: Cell Cast Acrylic This dramatic 1000 gallon fish tank is featured inside a clients home exercise room. Constructed from 1” ACRYLIC the aquarium has a seamless 140” front viewing panel. Unique custom colored light blue background and dual back […]

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