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Spectacular Ocean Views

Dimensions: 20′ x 10′ x 4′

Materials: Cell Cast Acrylic

Acrylic Thickness: 4″

Positioned on the third floor overlooking the ocean, this spectacular residential swimming pool window displays the remarkable aesthetic properties of ACRYLIC.

Featuring a two sided 4″ thick bonded ACRYLIC viewing panel, this one of a kind masterpiece was created for a privet residence to highlight the outdoor space.

Utilizing a zero edge effect, this pool appears as if it is rising from the ocean as an unconstrained block of water. With the use of transparent ACRYLIC walls, swimmers inside are able to experience and interact with individuals out side.

While other fabricators must outsource the seamless bonding of acrylic panels. Here at SeaQuatic Aquariums we are able to bond ACRYLIC panels in house using our proprietary bonding method.

If you are in love withe sea, one of the best ways to bring it home with you is with an aquarium. With the help of www.seaquaticaquariums.com, you can transform a simple fish tank into an underwater fanatasy. You set the stage with our amazing vistas from the sea, add colorful, exotic fish of your choosing, and you’ll be mesmerized for hours. An aquarium is more than a hobby. It can be a focal point in your home, a conversation piece, and something that is incredibly soothing, especially when you are selective about your scenery. Pass the hours away watching your favorite fish drifting back and forth. You’ll soon find yourself transported to the ocean and you don’t even have to set foot outside your living room.

Tailor Your Landscape to Suit You
If you want to take a trip in your imagination to the sea, let your aquarium help you to get there. Begin with creating the base of your tank, covering the bottom with colorful stones, wood, and plants. You can vary the types of plants that you include in order to add color to your tank, as well as growth of different heights. Not only will it be attractive, you also add more cover and diversions for your fish. If you’re looking for more variety, add a splash of color with vibrant plants that provide a contrast. Leaves that are red will really pop. With each addition that you make, your landscape will begin to look more authentic. You’ll also find that it is easier to keep your tank clean when you choose the right kind of plant life.

Don’t Forget Accessories
Your aquarium will not be complete if you don’t customize it. You can accessorize with an underwater cave, a tiny replica of a shipwreck, or a open treasure chest that is just waiting to have fish come in closer to take a peek. Consider your lighting as well. You can choose colored lights to alter your atmosphere. Your lighting will also help your plants to flourish in your underwater world. Add granite or sandstone formations as well to add diversity to your tank and allow your fish to conceal themselves when they want to. Remember that your aquarium is not only for your enjoyment. When you use www.seaquaticaquariums.com to create a dazzling ocean vista in your home, you are also creating a beautiful habitat for your fish. The more care you devote to them, the longer you will be able to enjoy them and your ocean view.