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Living Reef Hotel Aquarium

Dimensions: 144″ x 36″ x 40″ 

Volume: 900 gallons

Materials: Glass

Hotels are constantly looking for ways to make their lobbies distinctive and elegant, while calming as well. While lobbies can be places to relax, unwind, and socialize, they are also the place where large tour groups must all wait their turn to check into a room after a long day on the road. This means that finding things to make the place peaceful while they wait is an important component to the construction of a successful lobby that people will return to. 

The Calming Power of Fish

Studies have shown that one good way to calm a person, or keep them from stressing at all, is to put them in a room with a fish tank. Whether it be the calming blue color, the beautiful and intricate patterns of aquarium fish, or the sight of peaceful water, the power that an aquarium can have on stressed people waiting in line is huge. Kids will gravitate to the tank, instead of complaining to tired parents, and the beauty of nature can impress even the most particular guest.

SeaQuatic Aquariums Living Reefs

Building a SeaQuatic Aquariums living reef into a lobby means choosing the best in quality, design, and construction. We can work with you in choosing a design that works with your aesthetic, be it classic, modern, or whimsical. We can ensure top of the line construction to help make the aquarium long-lasting and easy to maintain. We can also help recommend a certain reef ecosystem that makes the kind of statement you’re looking for. Whether you want bright colored, tropical reef collections, or a sleek, shark-filled tank, we can help you find the right design and combination to send the kind of message you want to your clients.

Decor that Never Goes Out of Style

One thing that is a consistent source of cost for many hotels is the price of keeping the look current, and not dated. By choosing a living reef, you have a beautiful piece of living art that will be a highlight, and stay current while the furnishings around it change. If you feel the tone set by the fish population is out of date, you need only switch out the creatures inside to create a new and exciting view for customers. 

Creating Returning Guests

A well-planned aquarium will go far in creating a place where guests will want to return again and again. Children will grow up remembering your SeaQuatic Aquariums reef, and want to bring their own children there to see for themselves. And our construction will allow you to have a well-functioning tank that will be there for generations.