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Office Cylinder Aquarium

Dimensions: 36″ DIA x 48″ H

Volume: 300 gallons

Materials: .5″ Domestic Cast Acrylic

We build stunning cylinder aquariums in waiting rooms which are thoughtfully customized to each space. A cylinder aquarium establishes a point of focus and calm while clients wait on services. Your clients will enjoy the chance for meditation. The striking presence of cylinder aquariums has an undeniably contemporary impact. 

Breakthrough aquarium designs once only seen primarily in major aquariums or hidden away in mansions of the rich and famous are now readily available for consumers. Among aquarium designs, the cylinder is consistently a favorite among business owners who cherish a forward thinking sense of style. Cylinder aquariums can be combined with any number add-ons such as shelving or a ringed table for reading material. A cylinder aquarium’s lights generate perfect atmospheric glow all around. Materials used in tandem with cylinder aquariums to provide support and enhance design range from cast acrylic to fine woods. Many of our customers have utilized their custom cylinder aquariums as architectural components dividing open spaces or as guideposts through areas. No cabinet design or architectural use for your cylinder aquarium is beyond our expertise.

Installing a cylinder aquarium in your waiting room brings a little nature to your clients in three dimensions. The unique 360 degree experience of a cylinder aquarium is sublime. Cylinder aquariums are unmatched among aquariums for their view of fish, plant life and decorative flourishes. All of the intricacies of each of our tailor-made ecosystems are easily observed and create a dazzling display of purples, blues, pinks, greens, earth colors and more. No custom detail is too small or too large for our experienced staff. We can even work with our clients to match colors of aquarium designs with your interior decoration. 

As with all of our projects, our custom cylinder aquariums are stocked by our experts according to customer desire and balanced by a deep knowledge of how to create an ecosystem where fish can truly thrive. Every tailor-made cylinder aquarium built by us is designed right the first time and backed up by our expert in aquarium maintenance. We work with you to insure your aquarium ecosystem remains healthy, vibrant and dynamic.