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Custom Aquarium Exhibit

Dimensions: 2 – 310″ x 36″ x 48″    &    2 – 310″ x 72″ x 48″

Volume: 2 – 2,300 gallons  &   2 – 4,600 gallons

Materials:  2.5″ Domestic Cell Cast Acrylic

Does your business or institution need a beautiful, high quality custom aquarium exhibit to showcase your vision of the ocean? Here at Seaquatic Aquariums we can bring your Custom Aquarium Exhibit to life with our professional aquarium designers and state of the art building techniques. We specialize in both saltwater and freshwater tanks and can turn your ideas into stunning reality.

Utilizing state of the art software our experienced designers can create a unique and individual piece of fluid art for your business or public building. Each of our aquariums are machined to your exacting specifications. Our attention to detail makes installation in your space more efficient and cost effective.

Here at Seaquatic Aquarium we utilize the clearest most durable acrylic to ensure that no matter what your dream is we can make it a reality. High quality acrylic, unlike traditional glass is lighter and more durable allowing our talented team of designers and builders to create your aquarium in any shape or size you can imagine.

The seams in our professionally built aquariums utilize the highest quality adhesive on the market. Combined with our acrylic-bonding technique we can form the tight, clean seams you would expect in a high quality Custom Aquarium Exhibit. The chemical makeup of our bonding agent holds up better under the high pressure requirements of the largest aquarium and will keep your ocean life safe. What this means for you is flexibility and the peace of mind knowing your new Custom Aquarium Exhibit will stand the test of time.

Every detail of your dream custom aquarium exhibit is our priority. Uniquely designed cabinetry, life support and professional installation are all part of the package when you buy a Seaquatic Aquarium. From motif matching aquariums to the largest custom aquarium exhibit we can design your dreams.

Each Seaquatic Aquarium can be designed with a individually fabricated reef insert to compliment your underwater environment. Our vivid and durable reef inserts create a stunning centerpiece to each custom aquarium exhibit providing a visual feast while giving your sea life a home. Each aquarium comes with a life support system uniquely created to fit your aquarium no matter the size, shape or creativity of the design. This will insure the safety and long life of your valuable sea life.
Our team of sales professional are waiting now to help your create your own visually stunning Custom Aquarium Exhibit. Contact us at 800-928-0772 or email us today at Service@SeaquaticAquariums.com. We look forward to helping you make your dream come true.