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Acrylic pool – high-rise ocean penthouse

Dimensions: 20′ x 8′ x 4′

Materials: Cell Cast Acrylic

Acrylic Thickness: 4″

Description of Work:  3 Side Bonded Acrylic Viewing Panel, Glazing, and installation

In the renovation of a high-rise penthouse, bonded acrylic pool panels were used to create a swimming pool that resembles a freestanding piece of the sea. Combined with a panoramic view of the ocean beyond, the visual effect is truly one of a kind.

This visually stunning swimming pool is made with Cell Cast Acrylic, one of the most durable transparent materials in the aquatic engineering industry. SeaQuatic ensures the swimming pool will be durable for years to come.

This 3-Sided Bonded Acrylic Viewing Panel allows guest to enjoy the beautiful ocean view from the high rise ocean penthouse. Acrylic is the ideal material for this design, It is far clearer than glass, which has a tendency to look green. Another advantage is that Acrylic has nearly the same light refraction index as water, so swimmers in the pool may appear to be repositioned, but they will not appear to be distorted.

Adding to the complexity of this project was its high-rise location at the top of the 25th floor. A 100-ton crane was needed, the largest one available in the area, to transport the three huge 20-foot pool panels (each weighing approximately 2500 LBS) to the penthouse roof.

At SeaQuatic, we offer you services to give your venue an awesome addition to its already amazing view: a bonded acrylic swimming pool. With the ocean right in front of you but out of reach, you can have a piece of the sea right on your penthouse’s balcony, giving a panoramic view of the ocean beyond.

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