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8,500 gallon custom cylinder aquarium

Dimensions: 110″ DIA x 230″ H

Volume: 8,500 gallons

Materials:  3″ Cell Cast Acrylic

Looking for a custom cylinder aquarium that will wow your friends and family and intrigue you every time that you step inside your business or home? Here at SeaQuatic Aquariums, we focus on helping our customers will all of their needs. Our unique designs let you build an 8,500 gallon cylinder aquarium for use in your home or place of business. We will even work with you to customize a design that fits with the design of your home.

What is a Cylinder Aquarium?

A custom cylinder aquarium is a large aquarium with a cylindrical design. Both the base and the tank itself feature the same shape and design, and because we use durable acrylic materials, you won’t worry about your kids or pets knocking the tank over. The large aquarium lets you view your coral, fish and decorations from anywhere you go in the room. A Custom Cylinder Aquarium will quickly become a focal point in your home.

Why Choose SeaQuatic Aquariums?

Here at SeaQuatic Aquariums, we specialize in Custom Cylinder Aquariums that provide our clients with a stunning masterpiece. From the moment that you contact us, we will sit down with you and discuss the design possibilities. If you want to add an aquarium to your home that will let you keep dozens of fish on hand and serve as a focal point, give us a call.

Our team of sales professional are waiting now to help your create your own visually stunning Custom Cylinder Aquarium. Contact us at 800-928-0772 or email us today at Service@SeaquaticAquariums.com. We look forward to helping you make your dream come true.