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Proprietary Acrylic Bonding

With years of extensive research and development, SeaQuatic Aquariums has pioneered multiple proprietary acrylic bonding techniques that produce nearly invisible bonds while maintaining superior structural integrity.

Most acrylic aquarium manufacturers have not invested in scientific evaluation of their bonding methods and use inferior commercially available acrylic adhesives. All of our bonding technologies have been independently lab tested for their tensile and shear strength.

Block shear test

Block shear test

Our proprietary six-part polymerizing acrylic adhesive has a tensile strength of over 8,000 PSI, which is far superior to commercially available products that range from 2,000 PSI to 4,000 PSI. In addition to being stronger, our adhesive is clearer, harder and more chemically resistant than commercial adhesives. As a consumer, this gives you the peace of mind that our adhesive won’t cloud or separate. As an added safety factor, we design and manufacture all of our aquariums to withstand more than six times their maximum load.

Our proprietary acrylic bonding method is indispensable in the manufacturing of monolithic viewing panels. Conventional panel bonding techniques, used by our competitors, leave highly visible and unaesthetic bond lines where acrylic sheets are joined together. Our proprietary technology allows us to produce stronger, clearer and more chemically resistant seams than our competitors while still remaining cost effective.

Please review the below image of our proprietary acrylic bonding method. There is a vertical joint in this sheet of acrylic and we bet that you will not be able to find it.




On-site acrylic bonding

For large projects that would be impossible to ship fully assembled, SeaQuatic Aquariums has developed the ability to chemically bond acrylic structures onsite. We take the necessary measures to ensure that this onsite acrylic bonding process is to the same exacting standards as if bonded in house. Including taking the time to construct a temperature controlled clean room.