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Aquariums attract attention. When you want a bold physical presence that pushes the limits of centerpiece attraction, a SeaQuatic cylinder aquarium goes over the top, offering 360 degrees of unobstructed vision for an extraordinary focal point in any living space or office setting. Add other key SeaQuatic Aquariums features, such as an advanced three-dimension CAD drawing design, state-of-the-art acrylic tank creation, customized aquarium cabinetry and award-winning synthetic coral reef inserts, and you gain a turnkey aquarium, which truly can be presented as the finest display of elegance inside your home or office.

Having a beautiful custom cylinder aquarium built for you is a great way to add a sense of style to just about any room. Custom cylinder aquariums are incredibly popular right now, and a lot of people are choosing these types of tanks for both their homes and their places of business. Whether you want an aquarium for a room in your house or an addition to your company’s office, having a gorgeous custom-made cylinder aquarium is one of the best options available to you. If you are trying to figure out why you should be choosing a custom tank as opposed to one that is already pre-made, there are many benefits to choosing this particular option.

SeaQuatic constructs custom cylinder aquariums in such a way as to add definition to the center of a room, or transform a helical staircase into a brilliant display of life, style and color. At SeaQuatic, we believe in providing a complete turnkey experience, enabling you to enjoy aquatic beauty without fretting over aquarium maintenance. Our life support system engineers design a sophisticated filtration system for maintaining water quality within the exciting cylinder shape of your aquarium, safeguarding a wholesome environment for your future live marine inhabitants.

One key benefit that you will find when choosing a custom cylinder aquarium is that you get to choose its size and specific additions. You can choose what the entire tank is going to look like, how large it is going to be and what is going to be added to the tank when it is done being fabricated. Because cylinder tanks are becoming more popular, it is nice to know that there are ways for you to customize your own aquarium so that it stands out from all of the others that happen to be out there in other homes and businesses.

Every one of the cylinder aquariums for sale at SeaQuatic Aquariums is crafted into a creation of unparalleled beauty in our state-of-the-art facility, where acrylic is thermal formed in walk-in ovens. Patented bonding methods and proprietary adhesives ensure a product with a stellar appearance built using sound construction procedures. Safety is a major SeaQuatic consideration. All of our aquariums are engineered and constructed to tolerate more than six times their maximum load.

The cylinder design allows you to see everything within the tank at just about any angle, and this is a great option for those who are enthusiasts when it comes to keeping an aquarium in their own homes. Be sure to consider the different additions you’d love to see when it comes to your own aquarium. After that, you can have a beautiful tank custom-made to fit these needs.

Hand polishing by expert craftsmen places a mirror finish on each custom cylinder aquarium for sale by SeaQuatic. Custom-crafted cabinetry appropriate for your exciting cylinder-shaped aquarium helps transform what perhaps might have been a dull room into a vibrant focal point. Our team of professional installers positions your new centerpiece of aquatic life in a courteous and proficient manor, with utmost respect to your property.

Once installed, you gain a sleek-looking, contemporary aquarium in an exciting cylinder shape, which allows maximum viewing from absolutely every angle for a concentrated statement of aquatic showmanship excellence. Since it’s designed, crafted and installed by SeaQuatic Aquariums, you can expect the finest in workmanship with a company that stands behind every aquarium it produces.

8,500 Gallon Cylinder Aquarium

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22,000 Gallon Cylinder Aquarium

A SeaQuatic public aquarium can be used in a wide range of applications to make public places look more beautiful.

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