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Custom Double Bubble Aquarium


A lack of space sometimes causes problems for many aquarium enthusiasts. Sometimes large aquariums take up so much room space that it becomes hard to place chairs in a position so that guests can enjoy watching the very thing a homeowner wants as the center of attention in the room – the aquarium. A double bubble aquarium might be just the answer.

Custom made from the very best acrylic, these aquariums have the allusion of being much larger than they actually are. Most are shaped as a double dome or bubble and although they may contain as little as four gallons, they look much larger and take up less space.

Aquariums made from acrylic are much lighter and virtually seamless. Since acrylic is clearer than glass to see through, the double bubble design is perfect for this material. The illusion of great depth creates an environment for a saltwater reef that is unparalleled. For the freshwater enthusiast, the illusion might be a never-ending lake with crystal clear water and river stones throughout the bottom. Whatever an aquarium hobbyist’s imagination, this particular design has endless possibilities.

Acrylic is better to use for custom made aquariums, particularly in the double bubble design because acrylic is easier to mold. It is also lighter than glass, making it easier to build into a cabinet or stand. Because it is lighter, it is less expensive to ship. The process used for bonding acrylic aquarium seams is stronger than most commercial grade products made from acrylic, thus making it possible to build aquariums which hold up to as many as 5000 gallons or more without the weight of glass.

The double bubble design is unique in that it not only uses illusion to create more depth, but the shape itself is different from other designs. Two spheres on either side of a stand in the middle are used to create magnification and a perception of distance. Imagine being in a room with a double bubble aquarium in the middle of the room. Depending on the height and width of the aquarium, the entire room might look like it was under water. This type of aquarium design is sometimes used in restaurants. It makes the room look larger. It also provides quiet and often mesmerizing entertainment for the patrons, because not only does the double bubble design enlarge the room, the fish, the backgrounds and foregrounds appear larger. A fish coming toward the front of the aquarium suddenly becomes larger than life. Truly, this design is like having a living 3-D aquarium in your home or business.

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