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Custom Bubble Aquarium


The focus of our company is to design and construct custom bubble aquariums to our client’s exact specifications. People are fascinated by the beauty of marine life and observing tropical species in an environment that’s natural and exotic. When you want to enhance any space with a custom aquarium, choose a team of professional designers who are able to construct a bubble aquarium that is aesthetically pleasing and compliments any decor.

Not only are custom aquariums featured as the focus of a room in medical facilities, they’re also found in restaurants, theme parks, and hotels. Residential customers are turning to aquarium designers more often to construct aquariums for their homes. Since acrylic materials are used more often for custom aquariums, they can be incorporated into any decor, and may range from a small unit to be placed in a living room or den, or a spectacular structure featuring a colorful, synthetic coral reef.

Observing tropical fish in an aquarium has a soothing effect,and the movement of the water is very calming, which is why custom aquariums are featured so prominently in many doctor’s waiting areas and in medical facilities. Professional aquarium fabricators have found that utilizing acrylic rather than traditional glass, allows them to construct custom aquariums that provide more visibility. An acrylic aquarium can be designed in virtually any size or shape.

Another advantage to having a custom bubble aquarium designed, is that you can choose an aquarium to enhance the decor of any room. You may include a customized motif to match any theme or your own unique style. Adding LED lights to your aquarium enhances its beauty with soft, colorful lighting effects.

When designing a custom aquarium, many clients want an artificial reef inserted. In the interest of conserving the natural resources of our oceans, synthetic reefs can be constructed to be inserted into your aquarium, which simulate a natural reef. Designers are able to construct artificial reef inserts for aquariums that are safe to marine life, don’t discolor or fade, are realistic, and very easy to keep maintained.

When you are considering a custom bubble aquarium for your home or place of business, it’s important to choose a company that is dedicated to developing new products that are cutting edge and innovative. Attention to the smallest detail including a high tech filtration system that support marine life, is important to ensure that each client is satisfied with the end result.

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