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Do you dream of having that perfect aquarium in your house or office? If so, then you need not look elsewhere. SeaQuatic offers you services to get your custom-made aquarium designed and constructed based on the shape and size of your choice.

We employ the best designers and engineers to make sure your custom-built aquarium is of matchless quality and durability. Whether you need simulated reef displays, life filtration support, or you have a specific design and shape for your aquarium; we can build it for you.


At SeaQuatic, we have employed the best artisans, fabricators, designers and aquarium professionals to design and construct your fish tank. Rather than glass, we use acrylic, a clearer, lighter and more visually appealing material, which gives you a much higher degree of visibility. The superior qualities of acrylic allow our design team to propose bigger, more complex aquariums then what is conventionally possible with glass.

Staying in line with the technological advancements, our designers utilize rendering software to bring your custom-built aquarium dreams to the virtual reality. All details regarding the shape, life support, and cabinetry are designed using advanced CAD software.

Using 3D rendering software, we give you a glimpse of what the fish tank would look like prior to construction to ensure every aspect of the aquarium is the way you want it to be.

After the design has been finalized, our manufacturing team will commence with the production. They ensure the final product is nothing short of spectacular! With years of extensive research and development experience, we guarantee excellence in all of our custom-made aquarium projects.

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Acrylic Aquariums

SeaQuatic Aquariums is an industry leader in custom acrylic aquarium design and manufacturing.

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Commercial Aquariums

Does your business or institution need a beautiful, high quality custom aquarium exhibit to showcase your vision of the ocean?

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Residential Aquariums

SeaQuatic Aquariums specializes in the design and fabrication of Custom Home Aquariums. Industry leading warranty.

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Aquarium Shapes

One of Acrylics many advantages over glass is that it can be thermal formed into almost any conceivable shape.

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Fiberglass Aquariums

SeaQuatic Aquariums has unparalleled experience manufacturing custom fiberglass fish tanks. Made using only the finest materials.

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Cylinder Aquariums

SeaQuatic cylinder aquariums offer 360 degrees of unobstructed vision for an extraordinary focal point in any living space or office setting.

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Hotel aquariums

Large aquariums within hotels and commercial properties are a brilliant branding tool for instilling an oceanic theme.

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Luxury Aquariums

If a luxury aquarium is in your dreams, you’ve arrived at the best in the business. We boast a huge wealth of aquatic knowledge.

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Concrete Aquariums

SeaQuatic Aquariums have experience manufacturing concrete aquariums up to 35,000 gallons for professional and institutional displays.

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